Spa Etiquette

spa eitiquties

Whether you a first timer or a regular at a Spa or Massage centre, you’ll hear the term Spa Etiquette quite a few times around. Spa Etiquette means the general rules, regulations and the proper behaviour one has to follow while getting Treatments from a Spa. Now that Covid's around the corner proper Spa Etiquette and Safety Guidelines are now important more than ever.

spa eitiquties
The Spa is open daily from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm, so you have plenty of time for treatments and care.
To ensure your preferred time and service are available, we strongly recommend making reservations in advance. You can book all our Massages and Ayurveda Treatments well in advance. The spa also provides walk-in bookings based on availability
A perfect ambiance is a key factor to any good Spa. To maintain the tranquillity of the Elegance Spa, we ask you to please keep conversations minimal, and respect the privacy and personal space of other guests. For your own relaxation and that of our other guests, the spa is a laptop, smoke and cell phone free zone – just come here and be free from all outside distractions.
This is where everyone makes mistakes, you come in late and rush into your Treatments. However, we recommend you arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time to avoid reduction in your service time and also to ensure that you get few mins to rest and relax before the treatments begin. All appointments will end at their scheduled time so that the next guest will not be delayed. Treatment times are not extended based on late arrivals.
Since all appointments are booking based, it’s better if you could please notify the Spa four hours prior to your appointment time if you need to cancel or reschedule.
People often don’t know the correct dressing etiquette when it comes to Spa or Massage Therapy. At Elegance Spa it is recommended that you completely disrobe for your treatment. You will be provided with disposable underwear and slippers upon your arrival. Therapists are trained in proper draping techniques so you should always feel , before during and after the treatments – hey we’re all professionals here.
Don’t worry about the payments as we accept all major credit/debit cards and cash.
Since at Elegance Spa, we deal with healing and caring your mind and body, It is essential that you inform us in advance of any health conditions, allergies, medication or injuries which could affect your service when making your spa reservation. These include high blood pressure, pregnancy, past surgeries, and recently taken medications. These histories could help us serve you better
This is your customized massage. If you have feedback on pressure, room temperature, lighting... let us know. Depending on your specific needs or requests, your massage therapist will either perform a customized full-body massage (for general relaxation and stress reduction) or focus on the specific parts of your body that you have requested. If you have any questions about the etiquette during a massage, any of our colleagues will be happy to answer them for you.
The minimum age requirement for access to the spa is 16, with the exception of selected treatments with the parental supervision. Please enquire with the Spa Receptionist/ Manager
Another red-liner here. We advise our guests not to bring your valuables to the spa as we do not accept any liability for loss. However you’ll be provided a locker for keeping your clothes, mobile phones, wallets etc. – this too at your own risk. Even though this is the Spa Etiquette specific to the Elegance Spa, the basic etiquette mentioned here will be same for all Spa and Massage centre’s universally. One must follow all these etiquette if you wish to enjoy a nice Spa day. Now that you’ve finished reading our Spa Etiquette, click on Treatments to see our treatments and book your appointments. Find the full range of luxuriously soothing massages and spa treatments at Elegance Spa, in Coral Beach Resort, Sharjah.

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