Do you know Elakizhi massage in Ayurveda ? The massage begins in the traditional Abhyangam  style. As we know Abhayangam is a popular Ayurvedic treatment in which the whole body is therapeutically massaged with medicated herbal oils, so as to prevent ageing and degeneration. The meaning of ‘Abhyanga,’ itself is application of oil to the body. This is followed by a body massage for 15 to 20 minutes. minutes. At this stage, the kizhi or medicated pouch is introduced. The pouch has been carefully customized by our therapists with  fresh leaves chopped to  small pieces then fried in medicated oil along with coconut scrapes and lemon. It is then tied in a suitable cloth and made in to a kizhi or bolus. Leaves of Calotropis gigantean, Ricinus communis, Vites nigundo, Muoringa oilfera, Tamarind etc. are the ones generally used for the bolus preparation.

The bolus is constantly heated by dipping in oil and then rubbed across the body in circular patterns by carefully controlling the temperature. The effects are compounded since the heat allow the medicated oils to seep into the body and nourish them from the inside. This magical relaxing therapy benefits the whole body physically, mentally & emotionally and balances the doshas.

Benefits of the ElaKizhi massage

Besides relaxing your body, the massage rejuvenates your muscles and nerves. It improves blood circulation, helps release waste from the body, reduces inflammation of joints and induces good sleep.

It is effective for those who have suffered from sports injuries, sciatica or arthritis patients and even neurological disorders

Effective in the following conditions:
Neurological disorders
Chronic neck pain ,back pain and Sciatica
Spondylosis /Lumbar spondylitis/Cervical spondylitis
Sprains and cramps
Sports injuries
Post traumatic dysfunctions

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